Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Son, not mastering your art at first trial,
Doesn't mean you should stop.
You just need to keep turning up
Cos, you are growing without knowing.

Mastery is in practice
Don't get overwhelmed by the task
Just eat your ugly frogs in the morning
And your day will be easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Monday, June 22, 2020


We knew each other before time began,
We fantasized about changing the world as angels sang us lullaby with chocolates.
We raced to the river Euphrates with squirrels as Adam gave the scores 
Basically, our friendship was ordained.

You're devoted to my dreams,
And always gave me reason to hang on.
We get to a dead end, but your attitude brightens the road.
You're not interested in what I can give you,
Just mere devotion to the purpose we both were meant to do.

All this dreams and hope we shared on chat
The wrongs we wanna make right
And the hope that lay in our rims
Would soon come to reality.

Friendship ain't about transaction
It's not a business
It's about what they can give
But about creating memories and making life worth living.
Be a good friend like dear kayleb.


Sunday, June 21, 2020


Woke up from coziness at 16years old o'clock.
To a breakfast with spiced responsibility
Juiced with selflessness and sacrifices
To keep the family's stomach healthy.

Trained to see beyond the pillow talk
Deep down into the mysteries of dream
Trained to see beyond living
Deep down into the mysteries of life 

Fathers are symbol of hope
They are builders
They are not just tools for making babies
But entities that create a better future

So if you be a young man,
Aiming to be a father,
It's not all about owning a peanut
But, building a future for our predecessors.


Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Whenever bad voices show up
Telling you how your status quo
Is lagging behind your ideal personality ethics
And how your passion ethics is only a reverie.

Just open your window
Behold the vastness and freedom the sky flaunts
And say to yourself
As free as the heaven is, so am I to create the world I wanna live in.

We have the power to create our world
Show up daily, be consistent
Don't rush and don't quit
Cos a mansion is incoming.


Sunday, June 14, 2020


Having Instagramable pictures,
Super duper cool partner
Riveting features, shapes and beauty;
Ain't worth living for, you get bored with em' all

Learning to live
Learning to be a better learner
Learning to love
Makes life better, sweeter and happier.



We all suffer, we fight our demons secretly.
We tend to find pleasure condemning others.
Condemned persons, gives us hope and pleasure
We think we are unique in our sufferings.
Our high expectations make us depressed when they fail
Because we are human...

Let's face our humanity,
Let the truth be told
No one is good; except the father of creation
No one is flawless
We are flawed beings, 
So, let's love and accept each other, cos
We all suffer!


It all started as an imagination
Then it became a dream
And soon grew to become a responsibility
A reason to hope and live.

Suddenly, flaws showed up
It kept me in bed when I should be up
It made me abuse what I should cherish
It blinded me from opportunities.

Truly, I wanna effect a change
Make life better for my countrymen
Go global grooming God's gospel,
Till all humanity see the wisdom in him

Here I am wishing I could be replaced
I am not fit to do all I wanna do
I wanna wake up and have those dreams no more
So I wouldn't feel like a failure if I didn't do em'

He said:
The only option you've got is to stay up
It doesn't matter how many times you fall
But, your willingness to stand and keep trying
Is all I need to make you the hero you desire.

No matter how strong your flaws are
I am stronger, 
No matter how drenched in sin you be
My blood cleanses best when the stains are darkest.