Sunday, August 18, 2019


The walls in my mind prick my soul
They make tears flow like a fountain of pain
As they keep me locked out from the ideal personality 
I long to unfold to the ends of the earth.

I live in a vague world 
Captured by the illusions of vague personality
Haunted by the decision i made
The decision to be a salt to my folks.

Am i wrong to choose the good path?
Am i wrong for having good intentions?
Why do i face so much trials?
Why has the evil realm taken me as prey for slaughter?

The way to being good ain't straight but strait
Making the choice to follow that path unlocks straits

Why is it so difficult to do good ?

All i wanted is:
To be a man, husband and a father 

Unleashing my swift imagination 
And salting the earth
With bundles of beam
Flaunting Christ's victory in the spectrum of man's imagination 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Secret place

I sat me down on a dry and tasty land
Where no water is; where imagination is void and all my thoughts play chords that agitates my internal disposition.

We plight through life's trade like zombies
Literally; having no tracks of our our steps
Being isolated from the happenings of the world beyond 
And locked out from the communion with the trinity. 

Tis a global ish; portals of mysteries is being torn.
And princes invade the ideology of humanity 
But the sons of Zion go about the materialism hunt
Leaving the secret place lay fallow 

We get so busy with life 
And have no time for the light of life 
We go on chasing our tails
And running off  million miles off the rails 

Tis the father's delight 
To help us carry a burden 
As we build a rapport with him
In the secret place 

Beholding his beautiful bright eyes
Spicy red hot lips that makes his words so lovely 
Enjoying the eventide fun
As we lay on his wide broad chest 
And see how vague life could be without him in it

As you ply
Amdist the sly
If you want to fly
Come up to his sky
And end the fruitless try. 


Monday, May 13, 2019

A plight with Vika.

I sat me down besides the still water
Beholding the beauty of nature
As my soul rims long for cistern of hope
To quench the avalanche of anxiety lurking

Talking with my supermarket flowers
Walking the street looking for a soul mate.
Lacking in muse
Slacking in inspiration  

Along the misery of loneliness 
Drilling my heartwords
And making me lie in an enigma of purposelessness 

Along the path i trode
The pains trodden 
I saw joy
I felt it warmth

Flaunting like the young gazelle

She made me  see hope
My muse caught fire with her personality 

Its just a treatise,
I wish would come real

Ditching the thrills in loneliness 
And embracing the glimpse of hope i see
The hope of a future with vika.

Yes Vika

A symbol of self love 
And doing what you love
Till it takes you to love's groove 

This to me is Vika.


Monday, February 11, 2019

When I Was A Nerd.

Sometimes we just look at out past experiences and smile at how far we've gone from the funny moment of livelihood. 
Sometimes we also feel we could go back to those days, seeing how far the world has deviated from it's moral norms. 

I was so young and only strong to words I could not understand. As the waves of peer pressure take me on a rollercoaster's ride.
And the hormonal vibes didn't help at all.

You know, high school thrill; everyone had a crush or a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But my world was in a realm beyond those realities. 

One moment I am with my friends and the next, they disappear to go meet their girlfriends or mess around with some hot chicks; and they leave me alone in a world of isolation like a yeti. 

It makes me so nervous and I felt so lonely.
I had a crush on a damsel but she doesn't know I even exist. 
All I do is just stand and give her a " oh how much I love you " look. 
And when she looks at me, I feel surge of electricity that makes my body shake like I have a Parkinson's disease. 

One faithful day, we went for a biology practical at the laboratory. 
And mehn! She was just so perfect, my eyes could not just ......

Then Daniel one of my friend noticed how I am just so focused to this beautiful damsel like she's my specimen. 

" go talk to her bro.... "

I looked at him like I wanted to say" hey dude, are you crazy? She will not even look at me"

Little did I know it was a begining of something crazy. 

Stupidity looms in my court, but I was just so vulnurable. 

I feel crazy writing this...

Oh my!!!!

Why am I doing this, my love for writing has sold me out. 

But I'll nonetheless....

But not today, maybe tomorrow. 

To my unborn Rachel

As you rest in my bosom
And a seed yet to be planted
Although I have seen you
And indeed you are a beautiful child. 

So, I took my time to write this for you
Hoping someday you, mum and I will read it together
As we cheer on your bed
And give you kisses of love. 

We will always tell you stories
Most of how we built our love
On trust and purpose
And became great minds you can be proud of. 

I grew from depression
Until God blessed me with mum
And she became a light 
Through which I found myself. 

She made me wanna be a good man and a father
And her smile made me healthy. 
It was a long way from here

I wish you will have a good heart like mum
And help broken heart mend
With kisses of hope

Although, am not proud of most of my actions
But love held me up
And I let go off depression
And became a hero. 

Never forget this;
You have a reason to live
And love spices up your journey

I wanted to call you masha
But mama said;
No, Rachel will be the best
Just like Isaac met his purpose in Rachel
I hope you lead this world to Jacob
Who will send God's people to the promise land. 

I love you Rachel...

Love Like Raindrop.

The warmth of companionship
The sweetness of kiss
The Highness of emotion
And the thought of being lost 

As long as I have you,
I don't need much. 
I'll hide under your shadows
And all life struggles doesn't matter

As long as I can have you kiss
And feel the warmth of your chest on me
And have your arms fill up my rims
That's all I ever need

I'll rather live with you in a lonely island
Than living without you in a golden mansion
You are my passion
And my reason for existence
And my whole devotion.

As we flow through life
I'll always be your laughter
And bring down raindrop of love
Till we be drowned by the thrills of love. 

Even if we can't find heaven
I'll walk through hell with you. 
It's just a feeling I wanna pour out 
To you my beautiful angel

You know,
Beautiful brown eyes
Spicy red hot lips
You alone has these feature

I'll stand by you baby. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019


Its all about king cowardetus
Best friends with confusydetus
In a Parliament of wickedetus
And the commander is strongdetus. 

A huge mistake
When holy things
Are given to pigs
Meddling around in the mud. 

Huge task
Placed on cowards
Golden relics
Placed on the alter of foolishness. 

They say;

We will keep drinking
Catching the vibes of life
Till we vanish like the smoke
To a world of no enjoyment. 

Life is short and fun
We will enjoy all of it
Life is full of goodies
We just can't let go for hardwork. 

What's the need to work hard
When we can just sleep and have fun
Survive everyday 
Than running round the street chasing purpose. 

Purpose is vague 
It has put men in confusion
They pace round and round
Not pausing to have some rest. 

Wisdom says;
Before the earth came you lived
You lived in my imagination
I breeded you in my light
Ifeed you with wisdom

When time came
For humanity to feel your wiz
I called you up to the earth
To plant the little seed I gave you. 

But you neglect the gentle nudges in your spirit
To dine in wine with lazy swine
You neglect your reason
To chase old fables

Sleeping on the bed of drunkuness
And waking up on the bed of formication
Dispersing misery upon lives
And filling up the earth with bastards. 

If we all can pursue his purpose
The earth will be better
If we all can let go off personal ambition
The earth will lip in joy. 

Look away from your wants
And look to the eyes of the earth.
Plant the seed of wisdom given to you. 
So light will rule forever.